My gym after school child care program is an excellent option for working parents, who care about their child’s safety as well as value time spent productively.

Reasons to choose My Gym afterschool child care
Help with homework

Let us take care of homework that is unfinished and full of mistakes! Let us give your family peace! We will make sure that all the homework is done by the time you collect your child.

Physical activity every day

We guarantee that your child will take part in our sports programs designed by USA specialist with joy. These classes are never boring, as the program and the layout of our gym changes every day. It is proven that sports activities enhance brain function, that helps with learning process, memory and focus.

Transfer from door to door

My Gym provides transportation* for your child from your designated place to My Gym doors. In other words, you can rest assured that your most important person in the world is safe and sound.

* Transportation fees are applied separately.

Safety and care

My Gym afterschool care is a safe place where your child will be under constant supervision and engaged in activities all the time.

Unique My Gym premises

Our environment is well thought out, ergonomic and safe, our equipment is unique and made in USA.

  • Unique equipment, designed and made in USA.
  • Two gym halls, the main My Gym hall hosts all the sports activities and the art hall is the location for all the crafts.
  • Unique ceiling system, that encourages child’s natural inclination to climb and swing.
  • The gym floor has soft and warm carpet so that children can exercise bare foot.
  • Our integrated gym circle develops child’s listening skills, discipline and understanding of borders.
  • We clean regularly and thoroughly to keep everything tidy.
  • All the items are disinfected after each use.
  • Water fountain with filters (a favorite among the children).
  • Premises have air filters/ cleaners.
  • Kids toilet has children’s potty and sink.
  • Heated floors in toilet, so that kids can run barefoot throughout the premises.
  • Free parking for 2 hours, convenient location.
Develops communication skills and self-worth

My Gym program develops teamwork, support and respect. This is the place where your child can meet new friends. For children, who lack confidence or who struggle with learning, My Gym after school program can become a preferred place comparing to school as all the trainers are kind and with special training. In My Gym after school program kids can become more ready to try new things and take on more positive challenges. It can lead to higher self-esteem.