Cardio Kids Skill and Development

My Gym has created a fun and challenging program for older children who want to be strong, fast, exible, and in shape. All children, regardless of their athletic ability, stand to benefit from this fantastic cardio and strength training program that focuses on both the body and the mind. Additionally, Cardio Kids are encouraged to utilize the My Gym Cardio Kids fitness journal to help stay on track outside of childcare in their pursuit of healthy, happy, active lives.

  • Where:   Lielirbes 17A, Rīga
  • Age:   7 years to 10 years
  • Time:   1 hour
  • Price:   1 x week: 88 EUR, 4 weeks
  • Start of classes:   Sunday 1:20 PM
  • Terms of use:   In case of illness, membership is not extended
  • Endurance and gross motor skills are increased through a series of exciting and dynamic activities.
  • Cardio Kids take part in an hour-long class that utilizes a circuit-training course along with strength and exibility exercises.
  • Children learn to communicate and cooperate with one another in order to help the entire group succeed in reaching tness goals.
  • This demanding but emotionally supportive program builds con dence while improving overall tness.
  • Cardio Kids take pride in making improvements every week as they work toward their goal of increasing the level of their overall health.
  • Our goal is to instill health and tness as a way of life, as we include informative handouts and nutrition tips in every class.
Create a healthy lifestyle:
  • Compliment your child on the effort he or she puts forth in class. Your encouragement makes all the difference, as your child works toward a healthy lifestyle! Most importantly, demonstrate the importance of physical activity and healthy eating with your own example.
Please note:
  • Although we take great care to keep children safe in the gym, please be aware that participating in the My Gym program involves some risk. Please discuss the possible risks with your child prior to participation, and emphasize the importance of following all instructions given in class. You may also speak with your My Gym teacher at any time to gain more insight into safely participating in the program.
  • The My Gym Cardio Kids program can be physically demanding. Please consult your child’s physician prior to starting the program.