Mighty Mites Skill and Development

This carefully designed and structured My Gym program develops gross motor skills and lets children thrive in a non competitive environment. This program is carefully put together to boost child’s confidence and self control and it prepares Mighty mites for team sports. This wholesome program develops strength, agility, balance, flexibility and coordination.

  • Where:   Lielirbes 17A, Rīga
  • Age:   3 to 6 years
  • Time:   1 hour
  • Price:   1 x week: €88, 4 weeks
  • Start of classes:   Wednesday 5:00 PM, Sunday 11:00 AM
  • Terms of use:   In case of illness, membership is not extended
  • Mighty Mites are ready to develop their gross motor skills like running, jumping, catching and kicking. Our program includes exercises that develop all of these important skills.
  • Mighty Mites program includes elements that help prepare kids for team sports.
  • Children of this age can understand the concept of teamwork better and our games and relays further develops this understanding.
  • My Gym provides an environment where children can feel safe when communicating with their group members and trainers.
  • Mighty Mites are lavished with positive reinforcement for self reliance and following directions.
  • Their self esteem grows as they grow in their physical abilities.
  • Mighty Mites concentration ability is increasing and they can complete more complex instructions therefore games and tasks are also becoming more difficult.
  • Tasks in our sports program as well as relays and games demonstrate Mighty Mites’ increasing understanding of time and space.
Your Role:
  • Parents and children can recreate many of the games, manipulative skills, sports skills, and basic tumbling moves at home.
  • Ask your child detailed questions about the My Gym activities in which he or she participated. Show enthusiasm over new skills, and offer to play the games learned in class.
  • We take great care to keep children safe in the gym so please encourageyour child to follow all instructions the teachers give.