Ninja Training Skill and Development

Ninja Training program focus on developing strength, stamina, and agility through relays, conditioning exercises, games, obstacle courses that change every week. Condence and camaraderie are built through cooperative team challenges, and every Ninja has ample opportunity to independently triumph over the obstacle courses. Ninja Training challenges kids mentally and physically, with emphasis placed on effort above all else; each child is conditioned to always try their best. This mindset helps our young Ninjas to overcome adversity both in the gym and in their everyday lives.

  • Where:   Lielirbes 17A, Rīga
  • Age:   4 years to 10 years
  • Time:   1 hour
  • Price:   1 x week: €88, 4 weeks
  • Start of classes:   Monday 5:00 PM, Tuesday 6:10 PM, Sunday 12:10 PM
  • Terms of use:   In case of illness, membership is not extended
  • Strength, endurance, balance, and agility skills are increased through a series of exciting and dynamic activities and obstacle courses.
  • Ninjas take part in a high-energy class that utilizes circuit style obstacle courses along with strength and exibility exercises woven throughout.
  • Children learn to work hard and achieve their goals; physical tolerance and endurance are increased week-over-week.
  • Ninjas master each obstacle they face in a manner that is safe and appropriate to their individual ability level.
  • Children learn to communicate and cooperate with one another in order to help the entire group succeed in completing each obstacle course as well as through a variety of collaborative team challenges.
  • All Ninjas are encouraged to show good sportsmanship; we regularly cheer on our friends, celebrate their successes, and encourage each other to try again.
  • This demanding but emotionally supportive program builds con dence while improving overall agility and strength.
  • Ninjas build con dence and take pride in working through the challenging obstacle courses as they develop a foundation for growing in success with each obstacle.
  • Each child is coached to his or her own skill level in an environment that build self-esteem; we pride ourselves on providing a safe, non-competitive program.
  • Ninja Training is designed to develop problem solving skills, sharpen focus, think creatively, and cultivate the patience needed to overcome challenges. Many obstacles can be completed in a variety of ways; instilling a mindset that there is often more than one way to face a challenge.
  • Ninjas learn to listen to instructions and respond quickly, as teachers introduce new and more complex activities.
Your Role:
  • Compliment your child on the effort s/he puts forth in class. Your encouragement makes all the difference, as your child works toward overcoming challenges with a focus on developing a healthy lifestyle!
  • Ninja Training encompasses more than just the physical side of tness. If children enjoy the activities in which they participate, they’ll be more likely to adopt a balanced routine. So make tness a family affair! Set the example by making a healthy lifestyle a priority.
  • Although we take great care to keep children safe in the gym, please be aware that participating in the My Gym Ninja Training program involves some risk and can be physically demanding. Please discuss the possible risks with your child prior to participation, and emphasize the importance of following all instructions given in class. You may also speak with your My Gym teacher at any time to gain more insight into safely participating in the program.