This is a unique program for the little ones, that helps to develop communication skills with their peers and introduces them to the schedule of the kindergarten. In My Gym family-like and supportive environment child has more opportunities to fell at ease and be more confident when starting preschool.

Reasons to choose My Gym preschool preparation
Development program

In our work with children we use program developed by USA specialist that lets children learn in a relaxed atmosphere and acquire all the necessary life skills step by step. The main My Gym philosophy is exercise trough fun, where children can grow and develop through meaningful play. Program is carefully designed to combine both exercise and crafts. Pre-school is intended to teach the children how to follow structure and order, while developing their ability to focus. We increase child’s confidence and communication skills trough singing, dances, swings, exercising, playing games, watching puppet shows, enjoying special rides, taking part in Surprise Time and developing their imagination.

Physical activity

We are confident, that your child will be happy to take part in all the activities. My Gym classes are never boring as the gym layout changes every single week. It is proven that exercise improves concentration skills, ability to focus on a single action or thing and enhances productivity. Child’s confidence grows along with his growing physical abilities.

Safety and care

Our environment is well thought out, ergonomic and safe, specially designed for children’s physical activities. Our equipment is unique and made in USA. All children are constantly under supervision and engaged in activities and each child gets special attention.

Communication skills

Forming relationships with other children and learning team work skills is very important in this age, along with language development, that also depends from communication between children. They form their understanding about friendship while communicating and playing with others. Let’s learn to share, cooperate and respect each other!

Professional and caring staff

Your child’s well-being and smile is our priority. Our childcare is carried out by our qualified trainers, that are also certified nannies with excellent communication skills, especially when it comes to children. They are truly loving and caring. They all have finished a training course, that includes training in USA, California. Our trainers will provide an individual approach to each child. Communication is carried out in 3 languages- Latvian, English and Russian.

Unique My Gym premises

Our environment is well thought out, ergonomic and safe, our equipment is unique and made in USA.

  • Unique equipment, designed and made in USA.
  • Two gym halls, the main My Gym hall hosts all the sports activities and the art hall is the location for all the crafts.
  • Unique ceiling system, that encourages child’s natural inclination to climb and swing.
  • The gym floor has soft and warm carpet so that children can exercise bare foot.
  • Our integrated gym circle develops child’s listening skills, discipline and understanding of borders.
  • We clean regularly and thoroughly to keep everything tidy.
  • All the items are disinfected after each use.
  • Water fountain with filters (a favorite among the children).
  • Premises have air filters/ cleaners.
  • Kids toilet has children’s potty and sink.
  • Heated floors in toilet, so that kids can run barefoot throughout the premises.
  • Free parking for 2 hours, convenient location.