Whiz Kids Skill and Development

Children thrive as they work on gross motor skills in a supportive, noncompetitive atmosphere. This class is speci cally designed to build con dence, increase self-control. Program develops strength, balance, agility, exibility, and coordination.

  • Where:   Lielirbes 17A, Rīga
  • Age:   3 yrs 3 mos to 4 yrs 6 mos
  • Time:   1 hour
  • Price:   1 x week: 68 EUR, 4 weeks
  • Start of classes:   groups are being formed, please fill out the aplication.
  • Whiz Kids are ready to re ne and master basic gross motor skills, such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, kicking, and catching. Our program gives emphasis to each of these important skills.
  • The Whiz Kids program contains elements designed to prepare children for group sports.
  • Children of this age are more able to grasp the concept of teamwork, and our games and relays emphasize this increased understanding.
  • My Gym provides an environment in which children can feel con dent communicating with fellow classmates and their teachers.
  • Whiz Kids are showered with praise as they develop perseverance and self-discipline.
  • The children’s con dence increases as their physical ability grows.
  • Games and activities become more complex, as our Whiz Kids develop longer attention spans and are able to follow more intricate instructions.
  • Our sports skills, relays, and games re ect our Whiz Kids’ growing understanding of timing and spatial awareness.
Your Role:
  • Children who learn to enjoy physical activity are more likely to remain active and bene t from a healthy lifestyle. Please encourage your child to practice the skills learned at My Gym and to spend time being active every day.
  • We take great care to keep children safe in the gym so please encourageyour child to follow all instructions the teachers give.